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The Olympus portfolio of electrosurgical equipment allows physicians to cut, coagulate, and resect with confidence - secure in the knowledge that they are using an established and reliable treatment option. Because Olympus understands the specific demands of modern electrosurgery, it knows how important it is to have a safe, dedicated energy source to maintain the precision physicians require in their work. In developing the ESG-300, Olympus has created a product dedicated to the needs of the endoscopist while overcoming the complexity associated with multipurpose generators and focusing on providing a simple, safe, and smart source of energy.

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Dedication to the Endoscopy Department

The ESG-300 generator is created to perfectly complement the needs of gastroenterology and respiratory medicine. All key operating modes are possible - along with novel options like SmartArgon and the ability to save customized procedure programs - placing it at the forefront of electro-surgical technology.


User-friendly design features such as a clear graphical interface, the option to select display languages and the wireless foot switch, make simplicity integral to operating the ESG-300.


The new Argon Plasma Unit (APU-300) is the smart partner for the ESG-300. The SmartArgon mode provides consistent, safe and easy surgery - facilitating large area hemostasis by intuitively limiting the plasma beam penetration depth.

Dedicated Energy sysmtem for gastroenterology and respiratory medicine

The convenience to simply save several diathermy settings allows users to work with greater confidence and safety, saving time otherwise spent on manual selection.

Touch Screen

A simple, intuitive touch-screen interface means users can easily set up the system to meet their personal needs in just a few steps.

Wireless Footswitch

The operational freedom provided by the wireless foot switch allows safer placement in the theatre.

Remote Toggle Function

Simple, hands-free toggling of procedure settings without the need to directly interact with the generator means a more efficient user workflow.

29 languages

A choice of 29 display languages means users can understand and operate the system with ease, reducing the likelihood of any confusion.

APC & SmartArgon Mode

The new Argon Plasma Unit (APU-300) can be used in combination with the ESG-300 to provide advanced, superficial hemostasis. The SmartArgon Mode - where the coagulation margin is independent of the distance between probe and tissue - supports consistent and safe hemostasis with reduced carbonization. Furthermore, the ability to limit the penetration depth of the plasma beam makes SmartArgon the perfect option for fragile tissue structures. Depending on the target tissue, a choice of probes are available - lateral, axial, and radial - to allow for precise, selective coagulation.

Size (W x D x H) 370 x 465 x 156 mm
Weight without foot switch 11.98 kg
Power supply AC 100 to 120 V/AC 220 to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 1100 VA
Medical electrical equipment Type CF, Class I
High frequency functions Monopolar and bipolar
High frequency 430 kHz ±20%
Maximum HF power 120 W

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