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The SONICBEAT is generating ultrasonic energy alone, but its design is based upon the same principles as THUNDERBEAT. In particular, unique wiper jaw mechanism and fine tip design allow faster cutting, easier dissection, more homogenous grasping force, plus equivalent sealing and hemostasis when compared to existing ultrasonic energy devices. It is driven by the latest Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System generator platform, as is the THUNDERBEAT, meaning further efficiencies can be made through generator standardisation across an operating department.

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Reliable 5mm vessel sealing capabiltiy

Consistent sealing of blood vessels up to 5 mm diameter. A unique wiper-jaw design distributes pressure evenly along the the jaw length for consistent sealing.

Rapid cutting speed contributes seamless operation flow

Simultaneous cutting and coagulation of tissue. The wiper-jaw mechanism applies homogenous force to the grasped tissue, which in turn supports smooth cutting.

Fine and easy dissection capabiltiy

Sonicbeat is an excellent dissector with its fine tip design and strong jaw opening apaerture.

Exellent grasper

Stable, high grasping forces throughout the jaws due to unique wiper jaw mechanism provides an alternative to conventional grasping instruments. Consequently SONICBEAT can contribute to less instrument usage and instrument exchanges for uninterupted operation flow.

Reduced smoke and mist generation

A fine tip design can result in reduced mist and spray during activation when compared to other ultrasonic devices, contrbuting to consistently clear laparoscopic view.

Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System

SONICBEAT is associated with Surgical Tissue Management System generators, a truly universal energy platform for the operating theatre.

Ultrasonic Generator USG-400

Ultrasonic Generator


  • Graphical User Interface for intuitive operation
  • Ease of use, and rapid troubleshooting
  • Automatic mist and smoke evacuation
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Ordering Information

Generator and accessories

USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator
TC-E400 Energy Cart
TD-SB400 SONICBEAT Transducer
MAJ-1869 Footswitch for SONICBEAT
MAJ-1871 Communication Cable 0.25 m
MAJ-1872* Communication Cable 10 m
MAJ-1876 Docking Fixture
*Required for the automatic mist and smoke evacuation function

SONICBEAT instruments

SB-0545FC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 45 cm, Front-actuated Grip
SB-0535FC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 35 cm, Front-actuated Grip
SB-0520FC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 20 cm, Front-actuated Grip
SB-0545PC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 45 cm, Pistol Grip
SB-0535PC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 35 cm, Pistol Grip
SB-0545IC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 45 cm, Inline Grip
SB-0535IC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 35 cm, Inline Grip
SB-0520IC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 20 cm, Inline Grip
SB-0510IC SONICBEAT 5 mm, 10 cm, Inline Grip

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