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3D Imaging Solution

Achieve a new perspective

3D Imaging Solution

3D from the surgeon's point of view
enters the surgical field at last.

3D Imaging Solution

OLYMPUS introduces the world's only deflectable tip
laparoscope delivering high-definition video in 3D.

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Supporting Faster and More Accurate Surgery

Introducing a new 3D imaging solution that provides depth perception and a precise spatial view of anatomy that cannot be achieved with traditional 2D systems. The OLYMPUS 3D solution is a fusion of advanced 3D technology which overcomes the limitations of conventional 3D systems, providing a new perspective on surgical imaging.

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OLYMPUS 3D Imaging Solution provides improved speed, accuracy and precision for surgical tasks while helping to shorten the learning curve.

Improved Speed

Average time in suturing task

Improved Speed

Task time (min:sec)

Greater Accuracy and Precision

Average number of errors in grasping task

Greater Accuracy and Precision

Average total errors

Shorter Learning Curve

Learning curve in peg transfer task

Shorter Learning Curve

Trial groups

How 3D works

Humans have two eyes located slightly apart. Each eye sees a slightly different scene, which is processed by the brain and turned into a three-dimensional view. In the same way, the 3D glasses the viewer wears separate the images so that he or she sees a three-dimensional view that cannot be reproduced on a flat, two-dimensional surface.

ENDOEYE FLEX 3D is the only solution that can provide the critical clinical view while maintaining image orientation. A greater depth of field and the optimal amount of depth perception are also realized with the 3D HD image. We are proud to introduce this innovative solution for 3D imaging.

Dual-lens 3D optical structure

The dual-lens design is the key to creating the correct amount of depth in the image.

3D in HDTV

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D utilizes high-density image sensors at the distal end of the videoscope providing 3D images in high definition.

Angulation (100 degrees)

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D can bend up to 100 degrees in four directions. This function provides the critical clinical view during surgery while maintaining an optimum and correct visual orientation, which cannot be achieved with conventional rigid telescope and camera head 3D systems.

Focus Free

ENDOEYE technology using distally located image sensors maximizes the 3D benefit by means of a brighter, more light-sensitive image with greater depth of field while eliminating manual focusing.

All-in-one Lightweight Ergonomic Design

An all-in-one integrated structure is adopted that provides a true "plug and play" solution. So the device can be easily set up before surgery, and also offers improved handling during surgery, even in 3D.

Compatibility with current 2D scopes

Olympus 3D Imaging Solution ensures compatibility with our current 2D scopes to provide an economical means of upgrading your video system with minimal incremental cost. Our video platform supports over 100 different flexible and rigid camera heads, videoscopes and endoscopes.

3D Visualization Unit   3DV-190

3D Visualization Unit


  • Leading-edge technologies to visualize 3D images
  • 3D output to multiple monitors is available
  • 2D and 3D observation modes can be switched easily
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EVIS EXERA III Video Processor CV-190

EVIS EXERA III Video Processor


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Ground-breaking resolving power for efficient diagnosis
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Outstanding, true-to-life image quality
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EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source CLV-190

EVIS EXERA III Xenon Light Source


  • NBI
  • One-touch Connector
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Improved ergonomics
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VISERA ELITE Xenon Light Source CLV-S190

VISERA ELITE Xenon Light Source


  • NBI
  • Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
  • Photo Dynamic Diagnosis
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ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Deflectable Videoscope LTF-190-10-3D

ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Deflectable Videoscope


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • HDTV in 3D
  • Angulation (100 degrees)
  • Focus Free
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