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EUS-FNA Aspiration Needles

EUS-FNA Aspiration Needles

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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) guided Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is proven to be a valuable tool for diagnosis and staging of various lesions located in and around the GI tract. It is also accepted as a means for the staging of lung cancer and primary diagnosis of mediastinal lesions.
Olympus offers a comprehensive range of EUS equipments – everything from aspiration needles to complete ultrasound platforms.

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Single-use aspiration needle - EZShot2

Single-use aspiration needle excellent puncture capability in a complete selection of sizes and styles. These needles are available in 19G, 22G, 25G and 22G and with side port to suit all needs in ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration. The unique dimples on the surface of EZShot2 are designed to ensure excellent needle tip visibility.

EZ Shot2 - Single-use EUS needles

Single-use aspiration needles for EUS guided FNA EZ Shot2

  • Sterile-packed, pre-assembled, ready to use
  • Stopcock and 20 ml syringe included
  • Sheath length individually adjustable
  • Sharp needle tip for outstanding puncture capability
  • Adjustable 80 mm needle length with safety stopper
  • Unique dimpled tip for excellent needle visibility
  • Complete line-up: 19 G, 22 G, 25 G
  • NA-230H-8022: 22 G needle with side port to maximise tissue yield
EZ Shot 2
  • Single use only
  • This device is packed sterile
  • This device has a luer-lock connector or cleaning adaptor for flushing

Article name Article number Quantity Min. working
channel ø
Working length Max. needle
Needle width Stylet tip
Area compatibility
NA-220H-8019 N3825130 5 2.8 mm 1400 mm 80 mm 19 G Rounded EUS
NA-220H-8022 N3825330 5 2.8 mm 1400 mm 80 mm 22 G Rounded EUS
NA-220H-8025 N3825530 5 2.8 mm 1400 mm 80 mm 25 G Rounded EUS
NA-230H-8022 N3825730 5 2.8 mm 1400 mm 80 mm 22 G with
side port
Rounded EUS

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