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Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration

EBUS-TBNA Aspiration Needles


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EBUS-TBNA is used in diagnostic or cancer staging procedure on patients with lung tumours, mediastinal lesions, or enlarged lymph nodes in or close to the mediastinum. The EBUS-TBNA procedure is a reliable, safe and less invasive procedure than mediastinoscopy.
Olympus is unique in offering a 22G and 21G EBUS-TBNA needle for a wider field of application.

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Single-use EBUS-TBNA aspiration needle - ViziShot

Single-use aspiration needles are available in 21G and 22G with excellent puncture capability under ultrasound view. Both needles are equipped with a dimpled echogenic design that improves visibility on ultrasound images to enable a precise puncture. To ensure a safe procedure, a fast locking needle adjuster lever is designed to prevent excessive protrusion of the needle. It is an additional safety mechanism that stops the needle at 20 mm when required. The set includes a lockable syringe allows suction to be done single handedly during the procedure.

VisiShot - Single-use EBUS-TBNA aspiration needles

Single-use EBUS-TBNA aspiration needles

  • Treated distal end for improved needle echogenicity
  • Adjustable needle length from 20 mm to 40 mm
  • Two-way adjustable safety handle to protect endoscope channel
  • Needles available in 21 and 22 G
  • Each needle set includes one needle, one 20 ml lockable aspiration syringe with stopcock and one adaptor biopsy valve (MAJ-1414)
  • Single use only
  • This device is packed sterile
  • This device has a luer-lock connector or cleaning adaptor for flushing

Article name Article number Quantity Min. working
channel Ø
Needle Ø For use with Area compatibility
NA-201SX-4021 N2656630 5 needle sets 2.0mm 700 mm 21 G MAJ-1414 For bronchoscopy
NA-201SX-4022 N1775830 5 needle sets 2.0mm 700 mm 22 G MAJ-1414 For bronchoscopy
MAJ-1414 N1775730 10 adaptor
- - - NA-201SX-4021, -4022 For bronchoscopy


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